GBUS 615: Risk Management

Credits 3

In this course, students will learn to plan and run projects with special consideration of risk management. Students will develop strategies for addressing resource constraints in project planning, scheduling and management. They will learn how to align resources with demand and how to address scheduling conflicts in order to deliver the project on time and under budget. Students will apply crashing techniques (compression strategies) to projects running behind schedule and they will address project creep resulting from new customer requirements. We will use MS Project Management in this course to manage resources and the project schedule. We will also focus on the human element and look at some basic effective team management concepts. Finally, we will explore elements of risk and learn how to control or mitigate those risks during the project lifecycle. Specifically, we will learn to identify potential risks, quantify risk impact and likelihood, implement countermeasures where appropriate and establish systems to monitor and control the risks.

Semester Offered
Offered fall