Doctor of Nursing Practice

Degrees and Certificates


DNP 610: Theory and Science of Doctoral Nursing Practice

This course examines the scientific underpinnings of the practice doctorate in nursing that reflect the conceptual foundations for nursing leadership and the complexities of practice. The implementation of clinical prevention and population health will be central to the course.  This foundation will enable the graduate to analyze epidemiological, biostatistical, occupational and environmental data in the development of evidence-based recommendations.

DNP 620: Health Care Economics and Finance

Advanced nursing practice requires the application of business and financial acumen for the analysis of practice quality and cost-effective outcomes. This course will employ principles of business, finance, economics and health policy to develop and implement effective plans for practice level and/or systemwide practice initiatives.

DNP 630: Research and Application of Evidence-Based Practice

Scholarship and research are the hallmarks of doctoral education. This course involves the translation of research into practice through the application, dissemination and integration of new knowledge in complex practice situations characterized by the discovery of new phenomena.

DNP 640: Politics and the Influence on Health Policy and Outcomes

This course will prepare graduates to design, influence and implement health care policies that frame health care financing, practice regulation, access, safety, quality and efficacy. Health care policy will address issues of social justice and equity and prepare the DNP graduate to analyze the policy process and engage in politically competent action.

DNP 650: Advancing Leadership in Diverse Healthcare Environments

The purpose of this course is to improve patient and health care outcomes through the application of organizational and systems leadership. The student will utilize knowledge and skills consistent with nursing and health care goals to eliminate health disparities and to promote patient safety and excellence in practice.

DNP 660: Seminar Developing a Leadership DNP Project

This seminar will explore the student’s ability to conceptualize new care delivery models that are based in contemporary nursing science and are feasible within current organizational, political, cultural and economic perspectives. Students will be able to assess the impact of practice policies and procedures on meeting the health needs of the patient populations with whom they practice. The DNP project outline and goals will be a requirement of this seminar.

DNP 670: Preparing a Scholarly Leadership DNP Project Seminar

This course will examine and integrate the DNP practice role in a variety of patient care settings such as hospitals, long term care facilities, home health and/or community settings including public health.  Experiential opportunities will inform practice decisions and the resultant patient care consequences of proposed actions.  Role preparation will include legal and regulatory issues and preparation in methods of effective team leadership in interprofessional practice.

DNP 680: DNP Scholarly Project and Clinical Immersion

This course will culminate with an intense clinical immersion experience in a specialized area of the graduate’s choice to ensure competence in a highly complex area of practice. Proficiency may be acquired through a variety of methods such as attaining case requirements, patient or practice contact hours, completing specified procedures, demonstrating experiential competencies or a combination of these elements. A final DNP scholarly project is a requirement of this course.