Academic Suspension and Dismissal

Undergraduate Level
At the end of each semester the academic records of students on probation are reviewed to determine whether they have met the college’s standards for satisfactory progress. Students currently on probation who do not achieve the minimum satisfactory grade point average (GPA) of 2.70 at the end of the next semester may be suspended or dismissed from the college. Students whose semester performance is satisfactory but whose cumulative GPA remains unsatisfactory at the end of the next semester following notification of probation also may be suspended or dismissed. A student whose GPA is below 1.50 may be suspended; below a 1.0 a student may be dismissed without having been placed on academic probation in a prior semester.

Students who are suspended are eligible for re-admittance to the college after a specific period of time, usually one semester. Students seeking readmission are asked to furnish information in the form of transcripts and/or letters of reference that indicate the student’s ability to do satisfactory academic work at Colby-Sawyer College. Decisions to readmit students are made in consultation with the Deans of Schools. Students who are suspended from the college may not participate in internships during their suspension. Students who do not seek re-admittance after suspension are withdrawn from Colby-Sawyer. Students who are dismissed from Colby-Sawyer College may not be readmitted.

Graduate Level
Graduate credit is only granted for courses completed with a minimum satisfactory grade point average (GPA) of 2.70. Individual programs may have stricter requirements, and those are published with their degree program requirements. Graduate students receiving a GPA below 2.70 in any course may be dismissed from the College.

Please note students are only notified that they have been dismissed; The college does not notify students that they are subject to dismissal. Students notified of dismissal will have ten business days submit an appeal of the dismissal.

Appeals can be made to the program coordinator.