Academic Standing - Grade Appeal

Students who believe their final grade in a course does not accurately reflect their performance may appeal the grade. If a student disputes the final grade he or she receives and wishes to appeal the grade, the following steps must be taken: 

  • The student must discuss the disputed grade with the faculty member. Every effort must be made to resolve the dispute at this stage. 
  • If no satisfactory resolution is possible, the student submits a written petition describing the facts of the case to the faculty member’s supervising dean. This petition must be submitted no later than three weeks after the beginning of the following session (i.e. the following fall or spring semester for four-year undergraduate programs). Petitions received after this deadline will not be considered. The dean may ask for documentation to support the student’s claims. The dean meets with the faculty member and investigates the dispute. The dean makes a written determination with copies to the student and the faculty member. 
  • If the student disputes the dean’s findings, the student may appeal to the academic affairs coordinator via a written petition describing the facts of the case and basis of the dispute, including all pertinent documentation. Copies of the petition should be provided to the faculty member and the appropriate school dean. The academic affairs coordinator renders the final decision.  
  • The academic affairs coordinator reviews the student documentation and speaks with the appropriate school dean to review the facts of the investigation. If a conflict of interest among the parties to whom the appeal is addressed occurs:  
  • If the disputed grade was given by a faculty member who is also the dean, the faculty member, in consultation with the student, will select another faculty member from within the same school, to whom the student submits a written petition. 
  • If the academic affairs coordinator is the faculty member of the class in which the grade is disputed, or is the academic advisor to that student, the academic vice-president and dean of faculty will select a senior faculty member who serves as a dean or on the Academic Review Board. The student will submit a written petition to this individual who will render a final decision. 
  • All grade appeal documentation will be retained on file in academic affairs coordinator’s office.